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The Punisher Season 2 Comes to Netflix in January


The Punisher Season 2 Comes to Netflix in January

After the cancellation of Luke Cage, The Defenders, Iron Fist, and most recently, Daredevil, we were expecting the worst for the remaining Marvel Netflix shows, The Punisher and Jessica Jones. Fortunately, The Punisher will be back for a second season and it’s coming in January of next year.

After the events of the first season, it’s great to know we will see Frank Castle’s story continue. However, due to the cancellations of the aforementioned shows, it’s possible that this will be the last season of The Punisher, although, this has not been confirmed.

There seems to have been some sort of a dispute between Disney and Netflix pertaining to the terms of their contract. Netflix wanted to keep the Marvel shows on their platform since they were garnering views, but wanted to shorten seasons to fewer episodes to become more profitable.

After Disney disagreed with this notion, it sparked the cancellation of most of the Marvel shows on Netflix, with the remaining two likely to follow. It’s still up in the air what will happen to Jessica Jones, but from what it seems, the show’s fate doesn’t look good.

Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+ will have Marvel shows on it, but are aiming for a more family friendly collection of content, so it seems unlikely that we will see The Punisher, Jessica Jones, or Daredevil appear there.

The partnership between Marvel and Netflix is deteriorating, but at least we get one more season out of The Punisher and you can look forward to it in around a month. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with the official release date once we find out.

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