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Rocket League’s Second Rocket Pass Launches December 10

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Rocket League’s Second Rocket Pass Launches December 10

Rocket League developer Psyonix announced the game’s second Rocket Pass will be launching for all platforms on Dec. 10.

Similar to the game’s first pass, which launched in early September and ended late November, Rocket Pass 2 will offer two paths of rewards for players to receive by completing matches and earning XP. The free pass will be available to all players automatically, while the premium pass can be purchased for 10 keys ($9.99).

The developer did make a few changes for the new Rocket Pass after listening to community feedback. One overall change made with the latest patch released earlier this week was increasing the base experience earned from completing matches by 40% and increasing the win bonus and the weekly win bonus from two matches to three per day.

Other changes include Tier 1 to Tier 70 rewards in the premium pass cannot be traded, but free and ‘Pro Tier’ items (Tier 71 and above) can still be traded. Some Pro Tier rewards also have a 25% chance to come with a ‘Special Edition’ attribute that is an alternative version of the item.

Rocket League’s Rocket Pass 2 will begin on Monday, Dec. 10 and run until March 18, 2019. Check out the trailer below to see the new Artemis Battle-Car and other pass rewards, while the game’s official website has the full list of items contained in the pass.

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