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Red Dead Online Salmon Locations: How to Catch Salmon & Where to Find Them


Red Dead Online Salmon Locations: How to Catch Salmon & Where to Find Them

How to Catch Salmon & Where to Find Them in Red Dead Online

Earning money in Red Dead Online is challenging, and the prices of the game’s best items can make the process a real grind. Thankfully, there’s a handy way to earn quick cash by fishing for salmon. Here’s everything you need to know about salmon in Red Dead Online.

How to Catch

Catching salmon in Red Dead Online works the same as any regular fish, but they do fight your rod a bit more so it’s best attempted once you have experience. What you don’t want to do is force yourself into a situation where you have to cut your line, wasting precious money.

For basic instructions on how to catch fish, check out our handy fishing guide.

Our top tip specific to catching this slippery fish is the purchase a river lure, which will eliminate any time wasted catching worms or the wrong fish.

Where to Find

Salmon can be found across the map of Red Dead Online, but our personal favorite spot is the river that feeds into Owanjila basin, just northwest of Strawberry.

You can fish in the lake itself, but there are other fish varieties here that you’ll often hook by accident. For best results, make sure you’re fishing in the actual river.

The Method

The following method should net you over $40 in just 10 minutes of fishing:

  1. Acquire a fishing rod once you have reached level 14
  2. Purchase a river lure, which costs one gold bar if you’re below rank 30 and just a few dollars if you’re above. With river lure, you don’t need to worry about catching wrong fish or paying for worms.
  3. Catch 10 of them
  4. Sell your fish at Strawberry

That’s everything you should need to know about the best Salmon locations, how to catch them, and where to find them in Red Dead Online. For more useful information and guides, check out our wiki page.

It’s worth keeping in mind that sometimes the fish will swim to the shore for you to easily grab them, so you can potentially scoop up some extra cash if you’re paying attention. If you aren’t finding that they’re spawning, you might want to swap servers and try again.

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