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Project CARS 3 Development Confirmed by CEO

Project Cars 3

Project CARS 3 Development Confirmed by CEO

Project CARS 3, the next entry in the racing simulator series by Slightly Mad Studios, is now confirmed.  Ian Bell, the CEO of the development team, posted on a forum thread where fans were brainstorming suggestions for a new game in the series, stating that the game is in progress.

At this time, very little is known beyond the confirmation that Project CARS 3 exists, and there is no timeline regarding when the game might hit store shelves.  Bell had no specifics to share at this time, simply stating that a contract had been signed for the title.

He did assure fans that this entry would be ambitious, stating that, “We plan to blow anything else, planned by anyone else, out of the water.”

Reactions to Bell’s post was positive, with fans excited to hear that there is more to come.  Some tried to press for more information, such as which consoles it would be on or whether the title would be released on current generation hardware, but Bell replied that there is nothing he can share at this moment beyond the confirmation that the game exists.

The second entry in this series, Project CARS 2, came out in 2017 and got a 4/5 from Twinfinite at the time of release.  Many fans of racing simulator titles are eager for a new game and we will be keeping a close eye on future development updates.

This post was originally written by Hannah Stewart.

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