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Persona Dancing Games Are Getting Four Different Season Passes for DLC

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Persona Dancing Games Are Getting Four Different Season Passes for DLC

Persona Dancing is getting a ton of extra content, and Atlus has just revealed their DLC schedule for both games. They have a total of four season passes lined up, each catering to music, sets of costumes for each game, and accessories for your characters. Here’s the full list of the Persona Dancing season passes:

  • P3D/P5D Song Season Pass (Both) – $/€24.99
  • P3D: Costume Season Pass (P3D Only) – $/€19.99
  • P5D: Costume Season Pass (P5D Only) – $/€19.99
  • P3D/P5D Accessory Season Pass (Both) – $/€19.99

You can choose to buy each season pass separately or grab everything for $85. It’s worth noting that the DLC is not transferable between the PS4 and PS Vita version, so you will have to buy them again depending on which system you’re playing on.

Some of the songs included in the Persona Dancing season pass include Memories of You, Mass Destruction (Persona Music FES 2013), changing me, Life Will Change (Game Symphony Japan), and The Whims of Fate (PSB2017). Meanwhile, characters will also get Crossdressing sets, Featherman sets, a Catherine set, and even a Yakuza set as part of the costume DLC. You can check out the full list of Persona Dancing DLC here.

If you’re picking up Persona Dancing, make sure to check out our review of Dancing in Starlight and Dancing in Moonlight.


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