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Next Game From Runbow Developers, Double Cross, Launching in January

double cross

Next Game From Runbow Developers, Double Cross, Launching in January

Double Cross, the new game from the developers of Runbow, is set to release at the beginning of 2019.

13AM Games, who originally launched Runbow on Wii U in 2015 before bringing it to other consoles over the last few years, first revealed Double Cross in April of this year, but we now know the final release date.

Double Cross will come to PC and Switch on Jan. 10, 2019, for the price of $19.99.

Unlike Runbow, which was a multiplayer focused racing title, Double Cross is a single-player action title that’s clearly influenced by Mega Man. You can check out the gameplay trailer down below.

13AM Games’ description of the game reads, “Prepare to solve a thrilling multidimensional mystery filled with brawling combat, a special sling mechanic, diverse platforming missions and more.”

“The game is Mega Man-like and features a depth of gameplay, including the following:”

  • A unique sling fighting mechanic
  • Brawling combat
  • Interdimensional levels where a different gameplay mechanic is used to complete each level
  • Character customization (upgrade your character’s skills how you see fit)
  • Nonlinear storytelling so you can pick what levels you want to play and in which order
  • A robust investigation system where you need to find clues and take them to the correct characters

Double Cross has clearly retained the vibrant nature of Runbow, even if the gameplay is different.

Double Cross launches on Nintendo Switch and PC on Jan. 10 next year.

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