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New Control Trailer is Giving Us Serious Stranger Things Vibes


New Control Trailer is Giving Us Serious Stranger Things Vibes

Developer Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming Control launched a new tone-piece trailer today via IGN showcasing the “Brutalist Skyscraper,” a building with an interior that appears to be full of some very disturbing things.

The term Brutalist is actually an architectural one that pertains to a harsh, blocky style of architecture made famous in the 1960s. It would appear, however, that this particular building’s most striking features are within its walls.

The trailer gives us a tour of its different rooms, many of which transcend different dimensions, bending time and space in frightening ways. In some cases, they seem to be inhabited by terrifying-looking creatures of some sort. It’s all very Stranger Things.

The eerie ambiance is further accentuated by some foreboding narration by James McCaffery. If that’s a name which looks or sounds familiar then you might be interested to know that it’s the same voice actor from another famous Remedy game, Max Payne.

Control has drawn similarities with other references from pop-culture beyond Stranger Things. One of Twinfinite’s contributor’s noted earlier this year the link between many of its supernatural themes and the organization know as The SCP Foundation.

Control still has no official release date, though we did learn more about the game in a recent developer diary.

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