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5 Games Like Subnautica If You’re Looking for Something Similar


5 Games Like Subnautica If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Historically, underwater exploration in video games has been equal parts beautiful and terrifying. From Ecco the Dolphin to Jolly Roger Bay and everything in between, each dive is filled with tension as you await the moment when a ravenous leviathan emerges to devour you whole. The same can be said about Subnautica… kind of.

Fast forward to the modern era, and the rise of the survival genre has brought the playground of the ocean to all new depths (pardon the pun). In Subnautica, this means fending off fearsome creatures great and small, and since its release earlier in the year, it’s taken the world by storm with its robust ecosystem and seemingly endless potential.

But as always, there are other seas to be explored, and we have endeavored to offer you but a few. Hope you like sharks, because funnily enough, they absolutely love you.

Games Like Subnautica

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep Early Access, games like subnautica

Public service announcement: If you are a character in a video game, do not board an airplane. It will rarely ever end well for you, unless you are Fox McCloud.

Are you Fox McCloud? No? Then you’re in a survival game. Best of luck, pal.

The procedurally generated tropical locales of Stranded Deep were quite the revelation when it opened for early access on PC in 2015, and it still comes recommended for its focus on strategy and resourcefulness. It was slated for a console release to be published by Telltale Games, but their sudden, unexpected demise has thrown those plans into the proverbial airplane of uncertainty.

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