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PS4 JRPG Crystar by Furyu Coming West in 2019


PS4 JRPG Crystar by Furyu Coming West in 2019

Furyu released its most recent action JRPG Crystar in Japan back in October, and today we learn that it’s going to come westward.

Producer and Director Fuyuki Hayashi let this details drop in a New Year special on the Japanese website 4Gamer.

He mentioned that since the overseas release of Crystar is planned for 2019, he would like everyone around the world to enjoy the game.

If you’re unfamiliar with Crystar, it’s a rather tragic JRPG with a gothic look and a very dark atmosphere in which protagonist Rei has to strike a deal with the Devil and to travel Limbo to try and revive her dead sister Mirei. Defeating the drifting souls of Limbo and crying for their suffering plays a big part in the gameplay and story.

The game has been released only for PS4 in Japan, but at the moment we don’t yet know which publisher might pick it up in the west. Furyu’s most recent game Caligula: Overdose is published by NIS America, while its original version for PS Vita came by way of Atlus USA.

We don’t even know if it’ll come only for PS4 or will get additional versions for other platforms. While we wait for an official announcement, you can check out a recent trailer.

Source: 4Gamer

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