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Captain Marvel “Born Free” TV Spot Shows Off More Outer Space Action

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Captain Marvel “Born Free” TV Spot Shows Off More Outer Space Action

Marvel has a Christmas present for fans in the form of a new Captain Marvel “Born Free” TV spot. The new trailer provides some more information on the origins of Carol Danvers and the Kree and Skrull war.

Viewers first get another look at Captain Marvel punching the Skrull in disguise from past trailers. Over the footage, Nick Fury can be heard saying “Skrulls are the bad guys.” Fury goes on to say that the Kree are a race of “noble warriors,” but Carol corrects him saying that they are “noble warrior heroes,” emphasizing to him the moral superiority the Kree feel they have over the other races in the universe.

Next, some hints are given about Captain Marvel’s background and the goals of her people. The trailer shows where Carol possibly was given powers and Annette Bening’s character talking about how they found her. These clips are followed by an unknown character stating that the war with the Skrulls “is just the beginning.”

Finally, Captain Marvel can be seen in her full costume flying through space and firing off beams of energy. Just before this, she can be heard saying, “I’m not gonna fight your war. I’m gonna end it.”

This TV spot does a great job giving viewers some fascinating insight into the Kree and Skrull war. In particular, showing that the Kree want to frame themselves as the righteous force in the conflict, but Carol seems to disagree with their goals.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019. For more information on Captain Marvel, you can check out our Who’s Captain Marvel? What You Need to Know guide. If you have not seen the first or second Captain Marvel trailers, be sure to take a look at our articles covering them here and here. You can find the “Born Free” TV spot below.

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