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Fallout 76: How to Get Ultracite Fast & Easy


Fallout 76: How to Get Ultracite Fast & Easy

How to Get Ultracite Fast and Easy in Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, Ultracite is the rarest crafting material and is used for some of the most complex mods for laser and gatling weaponry. You can also use it to forge the Ultracite Power Armor, one of the best power armor designs in Fallout 76.

However, this material can be very elusive, so read on to learn how to get Ultracite fast and easy in Fallout 76.

Ultracite Junk

Though this material won’t appear until some of the later areas of the game, keep an eye out of any of the following scrap during your journey through the wasteland of Appalachia.

  • Hardened Mass
  • Ultracite Ore
  • Ultracite Scrap

Where to Find Ultracite

Unlike most junk in Fallout 76, Ultracite and its associated junk can only be found in specific areas of Fallout 76. The places it can be found in are intended for higher level players ranging from levels 40 and upwards, so make sure you are prepared for fighting off masses of Mirelurks, Scorchbeasts, and Mole Men if you want to try and harvest this rare resource.

The easiest way to locate Ultracite is by finding cracks in the ground that contain it, similar to other ores like silver and copper. Keep an eye out for these fissures in the following areas.

Spots in the Cranberry Bog

  • The Glassed Cavern
  • AMS Corporate Headquarters
  • Drop Site G3
  • Two fissure spots towards the south of the train tracks

Spots in the Ash Heap (Southern Savage Divide)

  • Fissure site to the north of the Uncanny Caverns
  • Fissure site to the south of the AMS Testing Site, just below the sign for road 84

Spots in the Northern Savage Divide

  • Red Rocket Mega Stop
  • Fissure site in the center area near the Pumpkin House
  • Fissure site north of the sign for road 66
  • Fissure site south of the eastern mountains that separate The Mire

Spots in the Forest

  • Black Mountain Ordnane Works

How to Farm Ultracite

The easiest method to obtain Ultracite repeatedly is to server hop. Once you clear out one or more areas listed above, quit the game and then log back in and scour for it again. Unless you happen to get unlucky, you should be able to find more of the material on the new server you find yourself on.

You can also set up a base near some Ultracite fissures to make server hopping and farming it even more reliable. You can check out the video below from Mexsus for a strategy on how to do this.

Ultracite is a very rare resource, but if you are smart about your approach, you should be able to farm it with relative ease. If you need help with other resources, check out our guide on how to get adhesive, how to get screws, or how to get circuitry.

For other tips and tricks during your time in the wasteland of West Virginia, check out our Fallout 76 wiki.

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