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Fallout 76: How to Play Terminal Mingames


Fallout 76: How to Play Terminal Mingames

How to Play Terminal Minigames in Fallout 76

Even though Fallout 76 isn’t your typical Fallout game, there’s still a truckload of things to see and do. Exploring the post-apocalyptic wilderness of West Virginia, there are countless secrets to uncover, mutants to battle, and bases to build. There are even a few neat little Easter Eggs, like the various small Terminal Minigames you’ll be able to find and play. Here’s how to play terminal minigames in Fallout 76.

How to Play Terminal Minigames

Terminal minigames can be played much like any kind of audio log in the game. If you have minigames, just open up your menu with the menu button or touchpad then tab over to the items category. From there go to holotapes and simply select the terminal minigame you want to play using X on PS4 or A on Xbox. Boom, you’re all set to play to your heart’s content on your Pip-Boy.

Where to Get More Games

Getting more terminal minigames in Fallout 76 is as simple as finding them out in the world of West Virginia. If you happen to stumble upon a terminal that has a minigame on it, just press square or X (A on Xbox) to eject the holotape from the terminal. Now it’ll be a constant part of your inventory to play whenever you want.

Unfortunately, the only minigame we’ve found so far is at the very start of the game, on the terminal in your room in Vault 76. If we find any more in Fallout 76 we’ll make sure to update this post. Of course, if there are any terminal minigames you’ve found, feel free to put them down in the comments below.

Hopefully, that clears up how to play terminal minigames in Fallout 76. For even more tips, guides, and tricks on the game make sure to check out our Fallout 76 wiki, for all the help you need.

Here are a few other guides you might find helpful, and if you have any unanswered questions, feel free to ask them in the comments down below.

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