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4 Best Anime of November 2018 You Should Watch


4 Best Anime of November 2018 You Should Watch

Best Anime of November 2018 You Should Watch

Zombieland Saga

In the fall rush of anime, it’s easy to miss a few shows that start to stand out, and Zombieland Saga is one of those sleeper hits that crept up. It’s one oddball show that focuses on six young girls who, in a twist of fate, are turned into zombies. However, this doesn’t stop them from achieving their dream of being teen idols and injecting some much-needed life into their prefecture in Japan.

Zombieland Saga is a parody of both the idol genre and the horror genre, and it even packages in some social commentary on the state of the idol industry in Japan. If you couldn’t guess from the description, the anime is incredibly goofy and off the wall, not taking the serious route of your typical zombie story. Even past the typical idol music, Zombieland Saga loops in a lot of musical styles, like death metal and rapping, to make a wholly unique experience.

With some great comedy, quality animation, and solid performances all around, Zombieland Saga has all the makings, at least so far, of a sleeper hit anime.

You can watch Zombieland Saga on Crunchyroll with new episodes simulcasting on Thursdays.

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