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Undertale Creator Toby Fox Is Teasing Something on Twitter

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Undertale Creator Toby Fox Is Teasing Something on Twitter

Toby Fox, best known for developing and releasing the critical indie darling Undertale, might be teasing something pretty major on Twitter. Just yesterday, he posted a tweet, requesting followers to check the Undertale Twitter account for something he needed feedback on.

Over on the Undertale account, there were a series of tweets hinting towards something “very, very interesting” that’s not complete yet. From the looks of it, followers will likely be asked to answer a few questions via a survey so that the developer can decide how to move forward with this new project.

Since the survey is set to be handed out on the Undertale Twitter account, it’s pretty likely that whatever this new project is will be related to the indie game. It could be DLC (though that seems improbable, given the nature of the game) or some sort of spin-off or crossover with another series.

Whatever it is, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more info comes our way.

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