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October’s Free Twitch Prime Games Are Pretty Spooky

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October’s Free Twitch Prime Games Are Pretty Spooky

Whenever October rolls around, the gaming industry becomes dizzy with the Halloween spirit. Gamers dust-off their copies of Resident Evil 2 and digital stores dish out their scariest deals. For Twitch and Amazon Prime members, there are four games on offer that are sure to cause the heebie-jeebies in anyone.

If you’re a Prime customer, be sure to hop on the Twitch application to get System Shock: Enhanced Edition, Soma, Sanitarium, and Darksiders: Warmastered Edition for free. This is a fantastic deal, not only due to the popularity of these games but also due to their critical success.

System Shock was the precursor to cultural hits such as BioShock, defining its own first-person subgenre. The Enhanced Edition modernizes the game’s visuals in all the right ways, so be sure to dig into this piece of gaming history.

Soma, masterminded by Amnesia developer Frictional Games, brings the developer’s unique sense of first-person horror into sci-fi. Without wanting to veer into spoilers, Soma is a superb meditation on transhumanism and claustrophobic horror. It’s pretty terrifying, trust us.

Sanitarium, on the other hand, is a 1998 point-and-click adventure game. Players assume the role of a man who wakes up after a car crash in a derelict sanitarium. It’s definitely dated, but the story still holds up.

Finally, Darksiders: Warmastered Edition should require no introduction, but for those who missed out, the third-person Zelda-inspired adventure game is worth checking out. With the series’ third iteration just around the corner, it’s probably the best time to become acquainted with the four horsemen. The Warmastered version brings some upscaled visuals, with the 2010 version looking a little old.

To unlock these games, head onto Twitch if you’re a Prime subscriber, log-in or make an account, then click the crown icon. Clicking will activate a drop-down menu, allowing you to unlock a series of goodies courtesy of Twitch. Following that, head onto the app, then go to the “My Games” section to install.

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