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The Quiet Man Develop Diary Goes In-Depth on the Game’s Development

The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man Develop Diary Goes In-Depth on the Game’s Development

Square Enix has released a new developer diary for the upcoming game, The Quiet Man, going in-depth on the development and design ideas behind the strange title. The video features comments and interviews with many of the members of the development team and advisors, including the renowned musical artist Imogen Heap. You can see the full 9-minute video down below.

Joe Kelly from Man of Action Entertainment and the scenario writer of The Quiet Man says “You have all the trapping of a good noir crime kind of thriller. Very cinematic experience with dialogue that you can’t hear, done through the perspective of our protagonist who is deaf. It’s a game with a big company like Square Enix, and yet, it’s an independent vibe. I mean it’s really an indie game.”

According to the game’s producer, Kensei Fujinaga, The Quiet Man will take roughly three hours to complete and it’s even intended to be beaten in one sitting, like a movie. In terms of the game’s combat system, the team wanted it to be flashy but accessible, having a lot of combos that you can use but not require a lot of memorization.

Just to get a sense of the diversity in talent behind The Quiet Man, here’s every developer and advisor featured in the video.

  • Kensei Fujnaga, The Quiet Man Producer (Square Enix)
  • Tatsuro Koike, Action Director (Yakuza series)
  • Joe Kelly, Scenario Writer (Man of Action Entertainment – Ben 10, Mega Man: Fully Charged, Generator Rex, and the characters and team of Big Hero 6)
  • Shaun Nivens, Lead Programmer (Human Head Studios)
  • Ashley Welch, Art Director (Human Head Studios)
  • Shu Hamada, Live Action Director (Omnibus Japan)
  • Randy Redetzke, Lead Environment Artist (Human Head Studios)
  • Karen Ruiz, Senior Artist (Human Head Studios)
  • Chris Miscik, Senior Artist (Human Head Studios)
  • Nick Taylor, Animation Director (Human Head Studios)
  • Kenichi Mikoshiba, Sound Director (Square Enix)
  • Danny Gong, Sign Language Consultant

The Quiet Man launches on Nov. 1 for PS4 and PC, and will be available as a digital-only title. Square Enix revealed recently that playing the game a second time will reveal speech and sound. Make sure to also take a look at the game’s most recent trailer, if you missed it.

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