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SoulCalibur VI Inferno: How to Unlock Inferno


SoulCalibur VI Inferno: How to Unlock Inferno

How to Unlock Inferno in SoulCalibur VI

After a six-year gap, fans have finally got another entry in the weapon-based fighting series with SoulCalibur VI. The game brings two robust single-player modes, along with a couple of new mechanics and characters. Along with Geralt of Rivia as a guest, and the new characters Groh and Azwel, plenty of series mainstays return. The roster contains a total of 22 characters at launch. However, one of those characters, Tira, is DLC and another one has to be unlocked. That unlockable character is Inferno, the physical manifestation of Soul Edge itself. Here’s how to unlock Inferno in SoulCalibur VI.

To unlock Inferno there’s just one thing you need to do: beat the main story of Soul Chronicle. The main story is highlighted in red at the top of the mode, and it consists of 20 different episodes interspersed with fights. The last two fights are the hardest in Soul Chronicle, but they still don’t compare to the hardest fights in SoulCalibur VI’s other story mode, Libra of Souls. After beating the final battle and watching the last scene/credits, you’ll get a note about various things unlocking in the Museum. If you go to the versus mode, you’ve now unlocked Inferno as an extra character to play as. You’ll also be able to look at his character profile in the Museum.

It should be noted that Inferno is only playable in the versus modes of SoulCalibur VI, and you won’t be able to take the character online. This is mostly because of his strange moveset, which SoulCalibur VI doesn’t even fully explain in its own tips section. Inferno is a mimic-based character that copies the moves of other fighters and incorporates those skills into his own base set. Still, you’ll be able to use Inferno in versus against your friends in local multiplayer, in the game’s arcade mode, or in training as well.

At this point, it looks like Inferno is the only unlockable character in SoulCalibur VI, but we’ll make sure to update you should anything else be discovered in the game.

That’s exactly how you unlock Inferno, the extra character, in SoulCalibur VI. For even more tips and guides on the game make sure to search Twinfinite, and check out our SoulCalibur VI wiki. If there’s anything specific you need answering, of course, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to get it answered.

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