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Major Fallout 76 Bug Is Causing Players to Redownload 50GB of Data

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Major Fallout 76 Bug Is Causing Players to Redownload 50GB of Data

Bethesda finally launched the Fallout 76 beta for PC players today, and while you’d finally think that they’d work out all of the kinks and what-not, think again. Earlier today, Bethesda went ahead and warned players about an issue with the client, strictly telling players to not click any buttons.


While they hadn’t specifically addressed what issue this is, apparently it was a pretty major one. Kotaku revealed that clicking any button on the server would delete around 50GB of Fallout 76 data on your PC, forcing you to redownload everything again.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Fallout 76 players only have a certain period when they can actually play the beta. This definitely doesn’t spell good news for those who now have to spend that precious time redownloading the game.

Things seem to be pretty fine now, according to the official Bethesda website. The official Fallout account eventually rolled out another tweet with some advice for those affected by the issue:


The Fallout 76 beta is slated to go live from 5pm – 9pm ET today and 2pm – 9pm ET tomorrow. We had a chance to test the beta ourselves, and you can check out thoughts here.

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