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Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Best Guns: The Best Weapons for Multiplayer


Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Best Guns: The Best Weapons for Multiplayer

The Best Guns for Multiplayer in Black Ops 4

Another year with a new Call of Duty title is upon us, and the franchise returns to a near-futuristic setting from last year’s World War II era. For competitive multiplayer in Black Ops 4, that means moving on from M1 Garands and Thompson submachine guns to more sleeker, accurate guns. Here are the best guns and best weapons for multiplayer in Black Ops 4.

The list below of the best guns for multiplayer in CoD Black Ops 4 is populated with assault rifles and submachine guns for good reason. The maps in the game can be tightly packed, meaning you will need weapons that can aim quickly in close or mid-range combat.

Before we head into telling you the best guns and best weapons in Black Ops 4 multiplayer, let’s run through some weapons you might be best avoiding if you’re a beginner. Though seriously skilled players may be able to still use these weapons effectively.

Weapons You’re Best Avoiding – Best Guns for Multiplayer in Black Ops 4

It is also difficult to sit in one spot for too long with a sniper rifle, due to very few open spaces and constantly changing spawns since most players never stop moving. Though, if you are a master at quick-scoping, then the Koshka sniper rifle can usually guarantee a one-hit kill.

Shotguns, despite their reputation as up-close equalizers, are also hard to recommend unless you dedicate an entire class to one shotgun, multiple attachments, and no perks or other equipment. The starter MOG 12 pump-action shotgun can be a reliable two-shot kill, perhaps one-shot with multiple attachments, but you have to hit both shots before the enemy can retaliate.

Best Guns for Multiplayer in Black Ops 4 – SMGs

Cordite – A submachine gun with the largest ammo capacity in its class at 60 rounds per magazine. The weapon has easy to handle recoil, though has a somewhat longer reload time to compensate for the larger magazine.

MX9 – This submachine gun excels in close-quarters combat with a high rate of fire and good damage. It is a good starter gun since it is available from rank one.

Spitfire – A submachine gun unlocked at later ranks with an extremely high rate of fire. Only good for close-quarters combat due to heavy recoil.

Best Weapons for Multiplayer in Black Ops 4 – Assault Rifles

ABR 223 – A three-round burst assault rifle, classified as a tactical rifle, good for mid-range combat. Can usually take down an enemy in one or two bursts if aiming at the upper chest and letting the recoil reach the head for maximum damage.

Rampart 17 – The Rampart 17 is an automatic assault rifle with a slower rate of fire and strong damage. The weapon is great for close-range combat where recoil is rarely a factor and its 25 round magazine can take out more enemies with less bullets due to high damage, despite the smaller magazine.

Vapr-XKG – An assault rifle that can act like a submachine gun, but with more range. Be sure to use the stock attachment, allowing you to move faster while aiming down sights, to take advantage of the combination of good damage with mobility.

That is a list of the best guns and best weapons for multiplayer in Black Ops 4. For more on everything video games, be sure to search for Twinfinite. For more on Treyarch’s game, check out more guides from our comprehensive Black Ops 4 wiki.

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