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Black Ops 4 Blackout Best Guns: The Best Weapons You’ll Want to Get


Black Ops 4 Blackout Best Guns: The Best Weapons You’ll Want to Get

Blackout Best Guns and Best Weapons in CoD Black Ops 4

Here is everything you need to know about the Blackout best guns and best weapons in CoD Black Ops 4.

Blackout, the brand new battle royale game mode in Black Ops 4 has been a big point of discussion around Call of Duty this year. After a private beta just last month, fans responded positively to this new addition to the game.

Fan favorite weapons and equipment from the entire Black Ops series makeup the gear you will find scattered around the map. Use this gear to survive and be the last player standing. Chances are, however, you’re wondering what the best Blackout guns and weapons to use in Black Ops 4 are.

With plenty of gear to choose, from it’s extremely important to know which weapon you should be hunting for while scavenging your way around the map.

Assault Rifles – Blackout Best Guns in Black Ops 4

Maddox RFB

This assault rifle is the easiest to recommend to a player of any skill level in Blackout. It is well balanced in both strength and recoil. The Maddox RFB will be an asset in any gun fight and should be heavily sought after. Finding some attachments for this weapon, such as a reflex sight and an extended barrel, will make this a quick favorite among Blackout players.


The ICR-7 is an extremely reliable gun with a moderate rate of fire. The ICR-7 handles extremely well and can take out opponents both mid-range and at a distance. If you find yourself with an ICR-7, you’ll be in good shape. You may be beaten up close by an SMG, but as long as you keep space between you and your opponent, the ICR-7 will outclass most other weapons.

Submachine Guns


The MX9 is a tricky weapon because its damage output isn’t as high as other SMGs in its class, but its extremely high rate of fire makes it a top candidate. If you can land your shots with this weapon, you will surely take out your opponent before they even know what hit them. Hitting shots won’t be difficult either because the MX9’s recoil is very easily manageable, and finding a stock for this weapon will further increase your odds of landing your shots.


Yes, you read that correctly, the classic World War 2 weapon, the MP-40, is in Blackout and it is a beast. While a much rarer find than other SMGs, the MP-40 offers a reliable damage output and rate of fire. With a sizable clip and manageable recoil the MP-40 remains just as powerful and beloved as it has been in the past.

Sniper Rifles – Blackout Best Weapons in Black Ops 4

Paladin HB-50

The Paladin HB-50 is comparable to the infamous Barrett 50. Cal from the Modern Warfare days. Slow rate of fire, but an extremely powerful shot. If you can hit your mark with precision, this sniper rifle will reward you with a clean kill. For ranged combat, this weapon simply can’t be beaten.


Ray Gun

The Ray Gun from Zombies has returned in Black Ops 4 and it’s just as powerful it was before. The Ray Gun can be obtained from killing zombies, or from any area that contains zombies in Blackout. This powerful shot will shoot a green beam of energy that can instantly take down any opponent. The Ray Gun is a great choice for anyone in a sticky situation, and is hands down one of the best Blackout guns you can get in Black Ops 4.

Tactical Rifles – Blackout Best Weapons in Black Ops 4

ABR 223

This deadly accurate three round burst rifle can take opponents down in an instant. A weapon well worth its recommendation and something players should hold on to if they have the option.

That’s all there is to know about the Blackout best guns in Black Ops 4. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, check out our Black Ops 4 wiki or search for Twinfinite.

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