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7 Games Like Kingdom Hearts If You’re Looking for Something Similar


7 Games Like Kingdom Hearts If You’re Looking for Something Similar


Games Like Kingdom Hearts

Okami HD

Set in a version of Nippon where folk lore and legends spring to life, Okami places players in the role of Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun. Long ago, she defeated the eight headed demon, Orochi, with the help of a warrior named Nagi, sealing the demon in a cave with the promise to return if he should ever escape. Generations later, one of Nagi’s descendants accidentally frees Orochi, who sets out to suck the life out of the land wherever he goes. As a result, Amaterasu is resurrected in the form of a white wolf and teams up with the artist Issun, armed with a celestial brush that can bring color back to the drained world. Together, they travel the land to return order to the world, facing down mythical threats and adversaries at every turn.

A title that has only grown in popularity since its release in 2006, Okami drips with originality and a creativity few other series could hope to match. Its combat is equal parts energetic and strategic, juggling basic hack and slash combat mechanics with special celestial brush attacks that can boost the player’s defense and smack down enemies in equal measure. If you loved Kingdom Hearts’ blend of action and drama, as well as its charming aesthetic, this game won’t disappoint.

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