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You’re Going to Have to “Check-In” With Your Switch Every Week in Order to Play NES Games


You’re Going to Have to “Check-In” With Your Switch Every Week in Order to Play NES Games

The Nintendo Switch online service will be rolling out on Sep 18, giving players access to a whole bunch of classic NES titles, online play, special discounts, and cloud back-ups for certain games. The library of NES titles that subscribers will have access to apparently requires you to check-in with your Nintendo Switch at least once a week in order to have access to the retro catalog of titles (via Eurogamer).

These 20 NES titles will have updated features allowing you to play online with friends for the first time ever, but what if you go on a vacation and don’t have the time to “check-in” with your Switch (what? Is my Switch my therapist now). We don’t know what happens when you forget to check-in but we really don’t want to find out. We’re sure that there will be a way to get that access back to the catalog, but Nintendo hasn’t given us all of the details on the online service yet, even though it launches in just four days.

Meanwhile, while the online service promises cloud backup saves for some of your favorite games, it turns out that if your subscription ends, your back-ups will be removed from the cloud and will be gone forever.

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