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Top 4 Best Anime of September 2018 You Should Watch


Top 4 Best Anime of September 2018 You Should Watch

My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes

My Hero Academia has become the darling of the anime industry this year, for quite a few different reasons. We’ve previously talked about how the show’s unique setup and wonderful characters make it one of the greats, and how its pacing helps keep viewers interested. While Season 3 is currently underway for the show, My Hero Academia is also getting its first full-length feature film this month, and it’s hitting theaters in the west for a limited-time run.

My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes is set between the events of the second and third seasons, and it sees Deku and All-Might receiving an invitation to visit “I-Island,” a place where the top scientists in the world convene to study Quirks. There, Deku meets a resident of the island named Melissa Shield, who’s Quirkless just like he used to be. As a villain takes over the island and threatens to kill everyone living there, Deku and the rest of the U.A. students have to band together to save it.

My Hero Academia is just about the hottest anime property out there right now, and the film looks to expand on what the show has already done. It’ll be hitting select theaters around the U.S. from Sept. 25 – Oct. 2, and you can take a look at the official page on Funimation’s website to check times and purchase tickets early.

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