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Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Sledge


Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Sledge

How to Play Sledge in Rainbow Six Siege

If there is one thing that will never get old in Rainbow Six Siege, it’s the feeling you get when you destroy a piece of a wall, ceiling, or floorboard. As a result, Sledge is one of the most fun operators to play in the game. As the name dictates, this Scottish attacker wields a destructive hammer that no soft installation is safe from. Here is how to get the most out of that destruction from Sledge in Rainbow Six Siege.

Before you start renovating houses with Sledge, you’ll want to have the following loadout:

  • Primary Weapon – L85A2 with ACOG and compensator.
  • Secondary Weapon – SMG-11 with holographic, compensator, and vertical grip.
  • Gadget – Frag Grenade (2x).
  • Ability – Breaching Hammer.

When it comes to Sledge’s primary weapons, they aren’t really anything fancy. You’ll definitely want to choose the full auto L85A2 assault rifle over the M590A1 shotgun though, as there isn’t much need for the slow shotgun, especially since Sledge already has a breaching tool that is much better in the hammer. Secondary-wise, his SMG is a great gun to have as a back up, as it has an impressive fire rate.

Similar to Ash, Sledge is one of the few characters in Rainbow Six Siege that works best as an entry fragger. His trusty old hammer is far quieter than most And while he may not be able to move as fast as two speeds, Sledge has the added benefit of a little more armor than other entry fraggers. Pop open holes in soft walls, ceilings, and floors, similar to Buck, and you’ll have a lot more angles at which to attack the defense. Sledge is also one of the three operators that has frag grenades as well, so be sure to use them to clear out an area, destroy opposing gadgets, or simply kill.

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