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5 Things to Do After Beating Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Post Game)


5 Things to Do After Beating Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Post Game)

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Things to Do After Beating Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Clear Any Outstanding Side Missions

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider

Without spoiling too much of the main story in case you’ve headed here before finishing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, much of the chaos that goes on in this latest adventure for the archaeologist-turned-adventurer is her fault. As such, we only thought it was fair to send Lara out to help the poor NPCs she nearly dooms and complete some side missions. And while they’ll never task you with doing anything particularly exciting, they’re absolutely worth your time.

You’ll have no doubt reached a number of dead ends on your adventure through Shadow of the Tomb Raider, with the game hinting that you’ll need to return with additional equipment in order to access them. Or maybe it’s those damn locked chests scattered throughout the environments.

Either way, completing side missions will not only unlock a few trophies or achievements for you, but some of the incredibly important gear you need to access these blocked-off areas and locked chests can only be attained by completing side missions. If you neglected them in favor of powering through the main story, it’s time to head retrace your steps and explore many of the secrets Eidos Montreal has tucked away within the game’s world.

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