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NBA 2K19: How to Get Fans Fast


NBA 2K19: How to Get Fans Fast

How to Get fans Fast in NBA 2K19

Getting the top endorsements in NBA 2K19 can help you earn a huge paycheck, and partnering with popular brands such as Gatorade and Footlocker can net you a steady stream of credits per fan event alongside a few freebies. With over two active endorsements, you can easily earn over 2,000 VC after an NBA match. To reach each endorsement tier, you need to get a certain amount of fans, so you’ll want to know how to get fans fast in NBA 2K19.

Most athletes would say that they play to their fans. The same rings true for capturing the attention of the crowd in NBA 2K19, as highlight plays will be your bread and butter to earn more fans. Basically, anything that looks cool on the court will earn you a highlight play, whether it’s a flashy assist leading to a three-point shot or a fast break that converts into a monstrous dunk. Blocks, layups, alley oops, and buzzer beaters will also allow you to earn fans fast.

If you’re looking to keep the momentum going and amass as many fans as possible in a single match, then you need to spice up your game. Performing the same moves over and over again will result in diminishing returns. This means you should try performing a variety of layup manoeuvres, dunks, and jump shots to keep on earning over a thousand fans for each successful highlight play.

NBA 2K19 also has a fixed set of bonuses for earning a certain statistical scores in a single game. For example, landing a 50-point game will net you 10,000 fans. Getting a triple-double or 15 digits for any statistical categories will also earn you a huge chunk of fans. You can toggle the game length to 12-minute quarters if you need more time to achieve higher scores and stats in a single match.

Lastly, you should always credit the fans to your success whenever you get a shot at a post-game interview. Doing this will instantly net you a sizable amount of fans fast. During interviews, the topmost option is for thanking the fans while the one at the bottom is for acknowledging your teammates.

So that’s how you can get more fans fast in NBA 2K19. For more tips and tricks about the game, make sure to check our wiki.

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