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Mario Tennis Aces Ver. 2 Arrives This Month, Adds Online Co-Op Missions and More

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces Ver. 2 Arrives This Month, Adds Online Co-Op Missions and More

During today’s Nintendo Direct, it was announced that Mario Tennis Aces is getting  version 2 update that adds in some new features, including online co-op missions. These missions will be available in a mode called Co-op Challenge for a limited time, and will yield rewards like special outfits and new colors for characters. Shown in the Direct were a new hat for Chain Chomp, a visor for Boo, anda blue outfit for new character Shy Guy. Up to four players can participate in the missions together. Shown was a mission to eliminate Boos with shots until a boss King Boo shows up, only to be volleyed into submission.

Also being added to the Nintendo Switch game are 4 new characters: the technical Shy Guy, powerful Petey Piranha (who notably does not use a racket, but instead his leaves,) the also technical Koopa Paratroopa, and all-around type Birdo. You can earn these new characters by playing Mario Tennis Aces online. Adding these 4 characters will bring the roster to an even 20. Nintendo mentioned that they would keep adding more new characters until June 2019.

The version 2 update for Mario Tennis Aces will be available on September 19, and is free to all players. Nintendo promises to keep updating the game with new content in the future.

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