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Fortnite: Who Won Summer Skirmish? What You Need to Know


Fortnite: Who Won Summer Skirmish? What You Need to Know

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest games in the world also has one of the biggest tournaments in the world, at least in terms of prizes. The Fortnite Summer Skirmish is an 8 week tournament where $8 million in prize money is given away.

The Fortnite Summer Skirmish has an easy to understand point system, wherein score is awarded if certain qualifications are met. Winning a game, or earning a Victory Royale nets 3 points, as does achieving 7 or more eliminations, with various score awarded in between. It’s comforting to know that even players coming in at 10th place still get one point. Also bear in mind, a player who earns a Victory Royale in the Stage 3: Grand Finals earns an ADDITIONAL $25,000. And who says video games can’t be work?

This week, PAX West held the final skirmish and winners were crowned for those matches as well as the overall competition. Players like Lanjok_Twitch, C9 Blind, Liquid 72Hrs, and MorgausseTV achieved Victory Royales in the grand finals, taking away some serious cash.

After earning 11 points in seven matches, MorgausseTV emerged the victor of the grand finale and the entire skirmish. As the earnings appeared on the contestant’s screens, the tension in the room began to escalate – After a staggering $225,000 was revealed on MorgausseTV’s screen, he ran out of the room with excitement.

There were other incredible performances from players like C9 Blind, where he earned 9 kills in one match, finishing off Liquid Chap in a 1V1 and earning himself a Victory Royale. Ghost Bizzle and Liquid Poach both earned 8 points in the grand finals, just behind MorgausseTV’s 11 points.

The top 10 winners, in order were:

  1. MorgausseTV – $225,000
  2. Ghost Bizzle – $180,000
  3. Liquid Poach – $135,000
  4. Nate Hill – $120,000
  5. Tendons – $105,000
  6. C9 Blind – $67,500
  7. Liquid 72HRS – $52,500
  8. Sean Was Taken – $37,500
  9. Lanjok_Twitch – $30,000
  10. Bolt Naga Ops – $22,500

This is just the beginning of Epic’s support for competitive play.


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