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Fortnite Port-a-Fortress: Everything You Need to Know


Fortnite Port-a-Fortress: Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About the Port-a-Fortress in Fortnite

As part of the version 5.41 patch to hit Fortnite earlier today, players are now able to find a new legendary throwable item in the form of the Port-a-Fortress. While the clue is in the name as to exactly what the Port-a-Fortress is, some players may want to know some more specific information about the item, and exactly how useful it is in battle. Well, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the Port-a-Fortress item in Fortnite.

The Port-a-Fortress is a new legendary item in Fortnite that, when thrown, immediately pops out into an enormous fortress. Rather than the tower-esque look of the Port-a-Fort, this item is a more boxy shape, is taller, and about four times the size in length and width of the existing item. It’s essentially the equivalent of a Port-a-Fort for squads, rather than one or two people.

While the Port-a-Fort’s metal structure takes time to build in Fortnite, the Port-a-Fortress is built immediately, too, meaning it’s less likely to be shot down in a matter of seconds. And just in case you get shot down, there are bounce pads all along the top edge so that you can quickly and safely make your descent without risk of fall damage.

The Port-a-Fortress can be found in Fortnite’s vending machines, chests, supply drops, and supply llamas, so you’ve got a fairly good chance of finding one at some point. You can check out the reveal video for the Port-a-Fortress down below.

From our experience with the item in Fortnite, this is considerably more useful than the Port-a-Fort, largely due to its instant structure health, rather than the fort’s slowly accumulating one. The bounce pads around the top edge of the Port-a-Fortress not only act as a means to safely get your feet back on the ground but also make things that little bit more difficult for anyone trying to climb up on you with a Grappler.

We’ll update this post once we’ve had a little more hands-on time with the item in Fortnite.

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