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Fortnite: Where the Cube Is Going


Fortnite: Where the Cube Is Going

Where the Cube Is Going in Fortnite Season 5

If you’ve paid any attention to Season 5 of the battle royale behemoth that is Fortnite, then you know that the mystery of the game this time around is a cube. Sounds strange, right? Sure, but then again, Fortnite has grown into a very strange game, even entering the real world. This cube is simply another level of bizarre that Fortnite and its community have openly embraced, tracking its position at virtually all times. Doing so begs the question, though. Where is the cube going to end up? We think we’ve got a hunch. Here’s where the cube is going.

While the cube has made its rounds to plenty of key locations on the Fortnite map, it recently passed through everyone’s favorite place to drop: Tilted Towers. It’s gone now, but not without leaving a trail of destruction through the city. Remember the building the meteor crashed into at the start of Season 5? Remember how it took weeks and weeks to get it rebuilt? Well, it was for nothing, as that cube didn’t leave Tilted Towers without crushing that same building flat. RIP building. You never had a chance.

Where is the cube heading to next on Fortnite’s map? All signs point to Loot Lake. Currently, it’s just on the west side of the famed lake and as time passes, it seems that it will continue making its way into the middle, possibly to destroy the mansion that adorns the center. Nobody is too sure what its purpose is — other than to keep Fortnite Battle Royale players constantly tantalized — but perhaps Loot Lake is set to become Lava Lake or a dried-up shadow of its past. Nobody truly knows so only time will tell.

We don’t have much longer to wait to find out where this mystical object is going and what it’s going to do, as Season 6 is due to start in less than a week’s time.

For information about Season 5 of Fortnite Battle Royale, be sure to check out our wiki for tips, tricks, walkthroughs and more.

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