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FIFA 19: How to Do Mbappe Little Brother Celebration


FIFA 19: How to Do Mbappe Little Brother Celebration

How to Do Mbappe Little Brother Celebration in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 is here, meaning it is time to celebrate, literally. Just like past games in the franchise, FIFA 19 allows players to celebrate and taunt their opponents after they score goals, using celebration animations to rub things in. While Samba Dancing and Knee Slides will always be classics, the game features plenty of unique celebrations as well, including signature celebrations. These celebrations are performances that are specific to personalities known throughout the soccer world, ones that score enough to have a signature celebration. One of those well-known players is French forward Kylian Mbappe, who loves to show off his Mbappe Little Brother celebration. Here’s what you need to know to perform it.

How to Perform the Celebration

Unlike most signature celebrations, Mbappe Little Brother can be done in one of two ways in FIFA 19. The simplest way, like any other signature celebration, is to play as the player it belongs to. Mbappe plays for two teams: France national football team (#10 / Forward) and Paris Saint-Germain F.C. (#7 / Forward). When playing as either of those teams, simply score a goal with Mbappe. Once you do, select press X on PS4 or A on Xbox One during the celebration phase. If you do, he’ll perform the Mbappe Little Brother.

The other way to do the Mbappe Little Brother celebration in FIFA 19 can be done by any player on the pitch. After scoring a goal and entering the celebration phase, hold L2/LT and double tap circle/B at the same time. Once you do, Mbappe Little Brother will trigger, meaning a well-deserved handshake with your teammate is on the way.

That is how to do the Mbappe Little Brother celebration in FIFA 19. For more helpful information, including a list of other celebrations and signature celebrations that exist in the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding FIFA 19 wiki.

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