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FIFA 19: How to Do a Knuckleball Free Kick


FIFA 19: How to Do a Knuckleball Free Kick

How to Do a Knuckleball Free Kick in FIFA 19

While free kicks may be one of the most frustrating set pieces to master in FIFA 19, it can also be the most deadly weapon in your arsenal once you do. Of all of the provided kicking methods, none are going to be more effective than the knuckleball technique. Here is how to bend it like Beckham and Ronaldo in FIFA 19’s free kicks.

The most important factor when shooting and scoring a knuckleball free kick is going to be the distance at which you are kicking from. Too close and you won’t be able to get the ball over the wall. Too far and the keeper will be able to adjust accordingly. Optimal distance for the knuckleball is around 30 yards or so. Once you have the distance measured, the next step is picking the right player.

Not every player can perform a knuckleball kick effectively. These type of kicks require both power and accuracy. You’ll need to pick a player that has high power, free kick accuracy, and the power free kick trait in FIFA 19. Once you have chosen your player, line up the ball with the middlemost player in the opposing team’s wall. Be sure to aim for the inside of the post as well. Next, hold down LB/L1 and press B/Circle and up on your left stick simultaneously. At the same time, you have to stop the power bar meter along the 30 – 35 yards segment, which is about three bars. Any further than that and the ball will likely sore over the bar.

With a little practice, and a little luck, free kicks and knuckleball shots will become as easy as breathing.

That is how you do a knuckleball free kick in FIFA 19. For more help, be sure to check out our wiki.

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