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FIFA 19: How to Score Downward Headers


FIFA 19: How to Score Downward Headers

How to Score Downward Headers in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 is here and has brought a lot of new content with it. Experience the finale to Alex Hunter’s Journey, a new game mode, and plenty of other tweaks to have the soccer gameplay purring away. As always, the latest installment in the series will require you to bring your A-game if you want to succeed, especially when you start playing FIFA 19 on a higher difficulty. To do so, you’ll need to play like an actual soccer player, spreading the ball across the field and finishing crosses. Mastering downward headers in FIFA 19 will be one of those keys to victory, so here’s exactly what you need to know to start scoring them easily.

Whether it is against A.I or real-life opponents, learning how to score off crossing plays will be vital to success in FIFA 19, and downward headers are a good way to beat the keeper. The best players aren’t going to allow you the same openings. You won’t just be able to walk down the center of the field and shoot. The main way you’ll be able to find openings is through spreading the defense out, passing the ball along the sides of the pitch.

As you progress further down the field, crossing passes will become available. While lining up crosses to other players’ feet may seem preferable, the best way to score will be via downward headers. To score downward headers, simply cross the ball as you would normally. Once the ball is coming towards your player in the air, press the shoot button (B/Circle) twice rapidly. Timing will be key, as you’ll want to press the button just before you head the ball for the most accuracy. If the attempts are even slightly off for downwards headers, the shot will likely go over the bar, as it will connect with the wrong part of the player’s forehead.

That is how you score downward headers in FIFA 19. Be sure to check out our extensive FIFA 19 wiki for any more questions or advice.

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