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FIFA 19: How to Change Tactics


FIFA 19: How to Change Tactics

How to Change Tactics in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 allows players to dynamically change their squad formations on the fly without pausing the match. Called dynamic tactics, this feature allows you to quickly utilize custom preset team formations as you see fit. Essentially, you can quickly switch from more aggressive tactics for scoring goals or a defensive one to maintain your lead. Here’s what you need to know about how to change tactics in FIFA 19.

Changing tactics is as simple as pushing the directional buttons from left to right, with the game defaulting at the balanced setting. Pushing left on the directional pad goes from defensive to ultra defensive, while pushing right shifts the tactics from attacking to ultra attacking.

The default defensive and attacking tactics might not work for your squad formation, or your preferences. This is where the customizability of FIFA 19’s game plans kick in. To change tactics and your game plans for ultra defensive, defensive, attacking, and ultra attacking, simply head to the Edit Game Plans options when you’re setting up your team in any game mode. From here, you can switch your squad, formations, change tactics and much more. Various offensive and defensive styles can also be set for each tactic, which is great for setting specific plays that caters to your team’s strengths.

You can also adjust the width of your team formation in each game plan. A wider width will help you cover more wings, but will leave holes in your central positions. Meanwhile, a narrower width will make it easier for the offensive team to penetrate your wings. You can also adjust your team’s backline by adjusting the depth of your game plan. For example, going very deep will allow you to put pressure on the offensive front, while going for a more balanced depth will help you win more midfield battles.

So, that’s the basics on how to change tactics in FIFA 19. If you’re looking for more useful tips on the game, then you should definitely check our wiki guide. If you need some general tips, Squad Battle tips, or help with FIFA points, we’ve got you covered as well.

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