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Destiny 2 Forsaken: Power Level Recommendations for Blind Well


Destiny 2 Forsaken: Power Level Recommendations for Blind Well

Power Level Recommendations for Blind Well in Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny 2’s latest expansion Forsaken comes with a wide variety of new activities for Guardians to complete such as Strikes, Adventures, Story Missions, Raids, and the all new activity Blind Well. Blind Well is similar to the Court of Oryx or Escalation Protocol events. Six players will be tasked to enter The Dreaming City and eliminate enemies. It wont be a simple task, however, because players will be fighting enemies in an arena filled with gas. This gas is dynamic and will reveal or cover up more area in the arena as the fight goes on. Players will have to be careful of how much safe ground they actually have during the fight. This is a new change of pace as it gives players one more mechanic to juggle during waves of enemies.

The Blind Well is similar to some of the other public group events, there will be different power level requirements for Blind Well. The higher the power level requirement the better the reward. There are currently four different level recommendations for Blind Well.

The easiest of the Blind Well tiers is power level 520 which will net players the lowest level rewards. The next two tiers from Blind Well are 540 and 560. The hardest encounters in the Blind Well activity we believe will follow this trend and be 580, but we can’t 100% confirm that yet, but it will give players to best rewards the activity has to offer. Blind Well requires six players to work together to overcome the odds in this wave based fighting mode. So make that sure you bring your best gear to the fight, because it sounds like you’re going in for the long haul.

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