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10 Games Nintendo Should Port to Mobile Next, You’re Welcome


10 Games Nintendo Should Port to Mobile Next, You’re Welcome

With a port of Professor Layton confirmed for iOS platforms, we know Nintendo is willing to loosen their grip and let older titles breath new life. Here are the 10 Nintendo games we would like to see come to mobile platforms.

With the announcement earlier this week that Professor Layton and the Curious Village, a 2007 DS game, would be coming to iOS devices, we learned that Nintendo is relinquishing some control over titles in their expansive backlog, at least for titles they published. The move of bringing this 11-year-old game to a new platform will surely breath new life to the title and the series writ large. If Nintendo is interested in giving their old games a second chance on mobile devices, then here are 10 Nintendo games we would love to see ported to mobile platforms.

10 Games Nintendo Should Port to Mobile

Elite Beat Agents

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Back in 2006, in the infancy of the DS, Nintendo released a wacky title like they had never released before. The title had players singing, dancing, and helping those in needs as government agents. It was called Elite Beat Agents and if it sounds like a strange combination, that’s because it was. Setting the weird premise aside, Elite Beat Agents was actually one of the best rhythm games to appear on the DS and was critically lauded at the time. Since the game was developed by a third-party and published by Nintendo, it could just as easily be ported to mobile from a permissions point of view.

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