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We Happy Few: How to Beat the Jubilator


We Happy Few: How to Beat the Jubilator

How to Beat the Jubilator in We Happy Few

We Happy Few takes place in a rather dystopian village, where citizens are forced to take a drug called Joy to stay happy all the time. In order to enforce this rule of happiness on the people, there are machines called Jubilators that will become hostile if you’re perceived as a Downer. During Arthur’s story, you’ll have to face off against a Jubilator. This teacup-looking machine can be pretty dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, so we’re here to give you a few tips.

If you’ve been reading notes scattered around the area, you’ll learn that the Jubilator is weak to electricity and shock attacks. However, it’s worth noting that melee weapons do very little damage to it. You might fare a little better with an electric truncheon, but this means you’ll need to get close to hit it, which can be very dangerous for you. Instead of using melee weapons, you should make use of shock grenades instead. After turning on all three maintenance levers as Arthur, be sure to look around for some shock grenades lying around. Even after you encounter the Jubilator in the circular room, you can still run off into one of the side rooms to loot the area. After you’ve got everything, aim at the Jubilator from a distance, and throw the shock grenade at it. Three or four grenades should kill it off without too much fuss.

If push comes to shove, you could always try to melee it to death. You can kind of cheese the encounter by hitting it a few times, then running off into the narrow rooms where it can’t follow you to recover stamina, then head out again.

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