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Telltale’s Walking Dead Final Season Episode 1: What the Credits Song Is


Telltale’s Walking Dead Final Season Episode 1: What the Credits Song Is

What the Credits Song Is in Telltale’s Walking Dead Final Season Episode 1

After years of making their way through the zombie infested world of Telltale’s story-driven take on The Walking Dead, gamers are taking their first steps through the final season with Episode 1: Done Running.

Clementine, the character they’ve helped to grow into a capable survivor of this undead outbreak, is now tasked with protecting A.J., a young boy she sees as family after taking him in for years following his mother’s death. This is easier said than done though, with both of them struggling to keep going before they discover a new outpost of fellow survivors which could serve as their new home. But then, this is The Walking Dead, and before long, a potential threat to this new haven rears its ugly head, forcing Clementine to decide how best to dispose of or circumvent it.

A promising start to the last installment in the popular series, Done Running has plenty to love about it, from its characters and story, to its visuals and, lest it be forgotten, its soundtrack. Like other seasons, the music ranges from moody and eerie accompaniments to carefully chosen licensed songs, all building upon the fantastic final product most have come to expect from Telltale and their team.

One of the stand out tracks is the end credits song, Waiting Around to Die by The Be Good Tanyas. Moody, contemplative and hauntingly nostalgic, it perfectly encapsulate the emotions running through the heads of not only the main characters, but the players controlling them.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. For more on the game, check out the game’s most recent trailer for a sneak peak of what episode one has in store for players. Or, if you don’t mind The Walking Dead spoilers or have already beaten the first episode, check out our analysis and explanation of what the ending of the first episode means. For more on The Walking Dead, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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