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Switch’s Sega Ages Will Feature Games That Have Never Seen a Rerelease Before


Switch’s Sega Ages Will Feature Games That Have Never Seen a Rerelease Before

Back in April, Sega announced Sega Ages: a collection of classic Genesis, Master System, and arcade games being brought to Nintendo Switch. Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream recently published an interview with Sega Ages lead producer Rieko Kodama and supervisor Yosuke Okunari. Thanks to a translation by Nintendo Everything, we now know a few more details about the upcoming initiative for Switch, including the fact that we will see some classic Sega games on Switch that have never been rereleased before.

Kodama stated, “we are planning to release one or two titles monthly. We initially revealed five titles with the announcement of SEGA Ages for Nintendo Switch, but we actually have more than 15 in the works.”

When asked about whether we would see classic games in the Sega Ages collection that we haven’t seen since their original release, Kodama responded, “you can count on it. We have Technosoft’s ‘Thunder Force IV’ and others planned.”

The interview also included a section on how Sega Ages will be taking advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s unique form factor. The example given is the conversion of the arcade version of Gain Ground. Players will have the option to play the game in vertical mode, allowing players to play the game in its original orientation.

If you want to check out the full translation of the interview, head on over to Nintendo Everything.

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