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Rainbow Six Siege: How to Get Renown Fast


Rainbow Six Siege: How to Get Renown Fast

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Purchasing Boosters

How to Get Renown Fast in Rainbow Six Siege

Like with many games released this year, Rainbow Six Siege includes microtransactions for all manner of different items such as weapon skins and renown boosters. These renown boosters are the best way to increase your haul of renown over specific periods of time. Quick 24-hour boosts can be purchased for small amounts of R6 Credits which can be bought with real-life cash, and week-long boosters can be bought for significantly more credits. While it may seem like a bit of a cheat to purchase these boosts with your renown, if you use them properly your investment will reap you some great rewards.

If you took part in any of the betas for the game, you may have also been alerted that there was a free booster available for you to use at your leisure. Oh, and if you select the ‘Uplay’ option under the ‘Play’ tab, you can get yourself a free ‘Wecome Booster’ and use thirty Uplay credits to grab 200 renown. It’s only a temporary 24-hour boost but any increase in your renown will help to unlock those operators and weapon skins you’ve been eyeing up for a while.

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