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PUBG Xbox One 1.0 Is Set to Launch Early Next Month

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PUBG Xbox One 1.0 Is Set to Launch Early Next Month

After a lengthy PUBG video that played during the Inside Xbox: Gamescom 2018 Episode, developers of the game announced that PUBG Xbox One 1.0 will launch early next month.

To be exact, 1.0 will launch on Sept. 4, exactly two weeks from today. This will mark the game’s full evolution from early-access to full release, but according to the developers, this doesn’t mean the updates will stop coming. In fact, they’ll keep coming just as they always have.

Along with some standard tweaks and fixes, PUBG Xbox One 1.0 will bring the game’s newest map, Sanhok, to the Xbox One. Much smaller in size, Sanhok brings players to a more tropical-feeling island to duke it out in a 100-player battle royale. This map also comes with new weapons and a dynamic weather system to keep players on their toes. Alongside Sanhok is PUBG’s newest game mode, War, which still supplies all of the battle royale gameplay players have come to love but does so with a twist. In War, ten teams of five compete to earn 200 points and to help each team out, they’ll all start with better loot.

Finally, microtransactions are coming to PUBG on Xbox One. Strictly cosmetic, these microtransactions will get players new outfits and more, and even some Xbox-themed exclusive swag for their character. Players can also spend money on the recently-introduced (on PC) Event Pass, which is basically PUBG’s version of Fortnite’s Battle Pass.

If you want to spend even more money on gear, a new PUBG Xbox One controller was announced as well.

PUBG Xbox One Controller

Available for pre-order now, this controller, which will cost you $69.99, features the trademark X on the right trigger. This trigger and the left trigger will also feature new trigger grips, which will make keeping your finger on the trigger easier than ever. It’s unknown if a set amount of PUBG controllers are being sold so if you’re interested, preorder now. These controllers will ship on Oct. 30.


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