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Mafia III: How to Pick Up & Drop Bodies


Mafia III: How to Pick Up & Drop Bodies

How to Pick Up & Move Bodies in Mafia III

Bodies are evidence to the NPCs of Mafia III, so you shouldn’t just leave them out in the open for everyone to see (unless you don’t care about police showing up and causing a ruckus, that is). It’s definitely a much better strategy to hide your tracks if you want to be stealthy. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for an enemy to be in the perfect place to be killed. You can do your deed, then move the body to a better place on your own, away from the prying eyes of the now deceased’s allies and potential witnesses. Here’s how to pick up and move bodies in Mafia III.

To pick up a body, walk up to it and press down on the d-pad. Once you have it, walk to where you want to place it and press down on the d-pad again to drop it. Do keep in mind that you can’t sprint while carrying a body. Yeah you’re strong, but you’re no Superman. If you have somewhere to be quickly, don’t try doing it while carrying a corpse, you know.

You will want to look for locations out of sight from your enemies, hidden away, once you pick up a body. Look for spots around blockades so there’s no easy way to spot a body on the floor. Corners where no one goes to are always good. Basically, keep an eye on your enemy’s movements and you’ll be able to know exactly where to hide their very own bodies for optimal stealth.

That’s all there is to picking up bodies and moving them out of sight in Mafia III. If you have other questions, let us know in the comments down below. If you’d rather find the answer yourself, check out our wiki for the game. It has a ton of information for you!

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