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Death’s Gambit: How to Beat the Bulwark of Aldwynn Boss


Death’s Gambit: How to Beat the Bulwark of Aldwynn Boss

How to Beat the Bulwark of Aldwynn Boss in Death’s Gambit

The Bulwark of Aldwynn is one of the early game bosses you can fight in Death’s Gambit. After reaching the Sanctuary, simply head right towards the castle, and you’ll find him on the bridge. He’s also one of the tougher foes, so it might be wise to explore and level up a little before taking him on. We were able to beat him at around level 20.

Similar to the other bosses in Death’s Gambit, the Bulwark of Aldwynn has a few phases, but his attack patterns are mostly the same. He has a three hit combo where he slashes twice before stabbing forward. This is your best chance of getting some damage in, as you can easily roll past him and hit him twice as he finishes the combo; just watch out for the second slash as it can damage you a little when you’re behind him. He has a normal stab attack, as well as a charged stab attack that can be identified by the electrical charge around him. Dodge past him to avoid damage.

He also has a magical attack that is telegraphed by the skulls on the ground, and you can avoid these as necessary. Every 30 seconds or so, the boss will spawn four adds, with two spawning on each side of the bridge. They’re easy to kill, and you should get them as quickly as possible. For the first phase, just focus on getting damage in when he does his three hit combo.

Once the Bulwark goes into his second phase, a blue spirit will emerge from his body. You’ll also see a yellow charge bar. Your goal here is to damage him as quickly as possible. Each time the yellow charge bar depletes, you’ll take 20 percent more damage for a time period. Use your abilities to increase your damage output to kill the spirit quickly. In phase two, the Bulwark will summon three electrical orbs that hover around him. These will damage you on contact, and if you have an AoE ability, use them to take out one or two orbs at a time.

During this phase, his move set remains largely the same, and he’ll continue to spawn adds every half a minute. He also has two new scythe and sword moves where he’ll thrust his weapon into the air and slam it down in your direction. You can either out-range this attack by moving away, or roll to his other side and deal some extra damage while he’s finishing the move. Continue doing this until the next phase.

The blue spirit will emerge again, and you have to bring it down quickly. After that, the Bulwark will summon the orbs again and the battle continues. This time, however, dark green orbs will appear on the ground that explode upon contact. You have to roll through them to avoid damage. By this point, the fight starts to get a lot more hectic, but the good news is that he’ll be low on health as well. We recommend increasing your damage output with your abilities, and then taking him down as quickly as you can. Once you’ve gotten familiar with the earlier phases, try to save your feather plumes for this last push.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Death’s Gambit.

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