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Crunchyroll Original Shows Coming in 2019


Crunchyroll Original Shows Coming in 2019

Just announced, one of the leading anime licensing companies Crunchyroll will begin streaming original animated shows series in 2019. Starting with the colorful, hyper High Guardian Spice developed by the newly launched Ellation Studios, Crunchyroll Originals will feature anime developed for Crunchyroll and VRV.

Kun Gao, the founder and General Manager of Crunchyroll, spoke about the goal of Crunchyroll Originals, hoping that these new series will not only elevate and promote the quality of Western animated productions but also tell meaningful animated stories for global audiences. He also confirmed that the slate of original shows will be expanded upon in the coming weeks.

Crunchyroll’s first original series, High Guardians Spice, will focus on the lives of four girls as they navigate through High Guardians Academy, a school where they can train to be true heroes. Mastering combat and sorcery, the girls will not only discover the truths of the world around them, but they will also have to face their own identities. Meanwhile, an unknown power looms just ahead and promises destruction.

Margaret Dean, the head of Ellation, said that the show’s anime influences will be used to tell an intriguing, impactful story that even huge anime fans will wholeheartedly enjoy. High Guardian Spice’s behind the scenes video displays a few of the series’ beautifully animated background scenes and a few sharp character models. Just like the production team woking on the show, High Guardian Spice looks to be a quirky, fun adventure that’s been painstakingly pieced together.

Expect this show and even more Crunchyroll Originals in 2019, and be on the look-out for the announcement of future titles.

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