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CoD Black Ops 4 Beta: All Scorestreaks in the Beta


CoD Black Ops 4 Beta: All Scorestreaks in the Beta

All Scorestreaks in the CoD Black Ops 4 Beta

The Black Ops 4 beta has finally arrived on the PS4 for its exclusive period, and players are already checking out the different maps and game modes as they aim to hit the max level cap and earn a sweet reward. If you’re having a particularly good game in the Black Ops 4 beta, chances are you’ll rack up enough score in a game to use one of your scorestreaks. Simply put, you’ll need to earn points by getting kills, assists, and by completing other objectives without dying to earn one. Once you do, it’ll give you an advantage, either in the form of a lethal assist, or something less lethal, but gives you the upper-hand over your enemies, such as a UAV. You’re able to mix and match between the scorestreaks that have been added into the Black Ops 4 beta to make your loadout suit you. To give all of you curious players a helping hand, we’ve listed them all down below, including their descriptions so you can make your own decision on which is best.

All Scorestreaks in the Black Ops 4 Beta

  • RC-XD (500 Score) – Remote controlled car strapped with explosives.
  • UAV (550) – Reveal enemy positions through the Fog of War.
  • Care Package (600) – Airdrop a random scorestreak.
  • Counter-UAV (650) – Scramble the enemy’s mini-map.
  • Hellstorm (850) – Control a Hellstorm missile with manually-triggered cluster bombs that track enemy targets.
  • Lightning Strike (900) – Launch a targeted airstrike on three locations.
  • Mantis (950) – Heavily armored quadrupedal combat robot. Can be remote controlled.
  • Sentry (1000) – Deploy a deadly automated turret that targets enemy players, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Attack Chopper (1150) – Call in a support helicopter.
  • Strike Team (1300) – Two elite armored soldiers drop in from a chopper to clear a position. Command them to move by holding Square/ X.
  • Strafe Run (1500) – AI piloted strafe run that lays heavy machine gun and rocket fire.
  • Gunship (1700) – Be the gunner in a close air support gunship.

It’s worth noting that not all of these are immediately unlocked for you to use in the Black Ops 4 beta, and some of these scorestreaks simply cannot be unlocked, as they require you to be a level higher than the current max level cap. At least we know they exist, though.

However, it’s worth noting that while this is all of the scorestreaks currently in the Black Ops 4 beta, Treyarch has announced that additional content could be added in at different times throughout the beta’s duration. As such, we could get some more scorestreaks added into the mix, so we’ll be sure to update this post and keep you informed if they do.

For more on Black Ops 4, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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