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Top 4 Best PC Exclusives of 2018 So Far


Top 4 Best PC Exclusives of 2018 So Far


Rust initially launched into Steam Early Access on PC four years ago in 2014 before taking off the tag for a 1.0 release earlier this year. The multiplayer survival game was a bit different back then, such as having zombies for a few months before being removed permanently, but the core concept remains the same: try to survive.

The game is plagued with a whole host of dangers: bears, wolves, hunger, cold, radiation, falling from a height, and other players who want to take your stuff. Although, you and other players can help each other out by sharing resources and building giant forts for shelter and storage. It might be a good idea at the beginning since all players start with nothing, not even clothes.

Rust is still continually updated with new content almost monthly. The most recent update added a bandit town complete with shops and a casino cause there has to be one in every post-apocalypse.

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