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Walking Dead Our World: How to Escort Survivors to Safe Houses


Walking Dead Our World: How to Escort Survivors to Safe Houses

How to Escort Survivors to Safe Houses in The Walking Dead: Our World

The Walking Dead Our World is an augmented reality (AR) game that launched for Android and iOS devices earlier this week. The AR feature makes it similar to Pokemon Go, except without the whole catching Pokemon part and more shooting shambling, grotesque zombies in the head in order to survive.

You are not the only survivor in the game. Beside the allies you gain from cards earned by completing missions and the antagonistic raiders, there are nonstop unarmed survivors that need help from zombie attacks. That is where you come in.

You will encounter these missions by walking around in the real world, since the location of your smartphone’s GPS is tied to the location of the character in the game. Once you select the mission, you either get transported to the area surrounding you where your phone’s camera is pointing, depending on if your phone supports AR and the AR setting is turned on, or a stock background.

After shooting a horde of zombies without the survivor dying and completing the mission, the survivor will join and follow you until you deposit them at a nearby safe house, or shelter. Shelter are blue buildings on the map, and are built by yourself or other players. You can build a shelter by tapping on the blue backpack icon below your character, selecting “Build,” and then tapping “Shelter.”

You will need enough S points to build a shelter, which can be earned randomly through completing missions. Shelters should be built near your house or place of business, since those are two places you will be around a lot. Tap on a shelter while nearby one and escorting a survivor to deposit them. You will not be able to escort many survivors in the beginning, but upgrading the Dale’s RV card will allow more survivors to follow you.

That is how to escort survivors back to safe houses in The Walking Dead Our World. Check back with Twinfinite for more guides and coverage.

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