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Summertime Saga: How to Unlock Hospital


Summertime Saga: How to Unlock Hospital

How to Unlock Hospital in Summertime Saga

Apparently, the healthcare in Summertime Saga is literally private, because you won’t be able to access the hospital until you unlock it. To do so, you will have to progress through Mrs Johnson’s storyline.

Before even commencing, you will need to be able to increase your strength, so make sure that has been ticked off your list prior to pursuing unlocking the hospital in Summertime Saga. The fun all starts with Erik, who wants the Cock of Thorns playing card. Because of course he does. Buy the card from the comic store in the mall, and return to Erik at night to give it to him.

Enter the gym during the day, and head to the backroom to have a discussion with Mrs Johnson. Select every single conversational option that comes up (including one which will introduce Anna into the mix).

The next day, take the cookies from your room and head to the park, where you will find Anna hunting for her dog, Awesomeo. Agree to help track him down, and enter the newly unlocked forest, where you will be able to give one of the cookies to the pug sitting there. Check his name tag to confirm it’s him, and return to the park to bring Awesomeo back to Anna.

Go to Erik’s house again during the night, and speak with him down in the basement. He will ask if you can buy him the Orcette sex toy, which is only available online and costs you $300 (plus your dignity). Select eGay on your computer, and search for ‘orcette’ to purchase the toy. It will arrive in your mailbox the following Tuesday. Trust us, we’ll get to the hospital eventually.

When it appears, don’t open it yourself, instead taking it to Erik’s house, where Mrs Johnson will take a look inside the package. Afterwards, bring it to Erik and complete the day in Summertime Saga.

After a few days, Mrs Johnson will arrive at your house one morning to ask whether Erik has been having any trouble at school, and if you can have a word with him. Heading to Erik’s house, he will reveal that he has been constantly harassed by Dexter, the resident bully and a kid who looks way too buff for high school. Not long until the hospital now.

When you next arrive at school in Summertime Saga, Dexter will be picking on Erik until you intervene. With your increased strength and awesome Muay Thai skills, you should be able to take him on, right? Wrong. Dexter will pound you into the turf and put you in the hospital. On the plus side, that unlocks the hospital from there on, so it’s not all bad.

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