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Stardew Valley’s Multiplayer Officially Launches This August

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Stardew Valley’s Multiplayer Officially Launches This August

Stardew Valley’s official full multiplayer release is happening this August, after what feels like an eternity of waiting. Previously, it was only up for grabs as a public Steam beta, but now it will be launching in full for everyone to play to their heart’s content on Aug. 1. It will launch across Steam, Humble, and GOG as well.

As far as the actual game content, it looks like it will remain largely the same. You can bring up to three friends on board to help out as farmhands to work for the host or other farmers who can have their own cabins on the main host’s farm. The point of adding other players to the game isn’t really to see who can have the best farm and all the money in the world, but how everyone can work together and make for an enjoyable gameplay session.

One cool feature of the multiplayer mode is that players can marry each other, as well as get divorced. You can utilize a chat box and special emoji to communicate if you’re not actually with your friends in person, which should help to keep things more concise and simple rather than just using actions to demonstrate what you’re doing.

Right now, the PC version is the only one to welcome the multiplayer update, but according to Chucklefish, console players will get their turn soon enough. Get ready to get your Stardew on!

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