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Santa Monica Studio Confirms Final God of War Secret Has Been Found

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Santa Monica Studio Confirms Final God of War Secret Has Been Found

Ever since God of War was announced, fans have been scrambling to find all the Easter eggs hidden within its contents. Now, it looks like the final secret has been found, bringing the long hunt to an end. Santa Monica Studio has taken to Twitter to confirm its existence, and finally fans can rest easy, knowing they’ve unlocked all the secrets they possibly could with the latest entry in the God of War series.

If you’re still playing God of War and you don’t want anything spoiled, you’ll definitely want to turn away now, as there are heavy spoilers ahead. For anyone else, keep reading and you’ll be enlightened.

Secret hunters had long been hanging out on their very own subreddit, r/GodOfWarSecrets, and it wasn’t exactly new information that the Easter egg runes in question spelled out “Loki,” hinting at a scene at the end of the game where Faye reveals what she wanted to name her son. Santa Monica Studio confirmed the existence of the secret via Twitter, even referencing the concept artist Joe Kennedy’s hashtag for the secret: #FayeKnew.

It seems a few members of the subreddit are a bit disappointed by this somewhat anticlimactic secret, but there you have it — the runes that let us know Faye was already tuned into Atreus’s real identity were there the whole time. Fans have been on it and tirelessly searching for answers, and it seems they’ve finally found them. Now the hunt can finally be put to rest.

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